If you and your dog would benefit from 1-2-1 coaching, this can be arranged at  your home, or the familiar to the dog outdoor place.


 1-2-1 training lessons would benefit the dogs and their owners which want to work on specific issues and to teach their dogs to walk on the loose lead, to improve the recall, to stop jumping up or similar. 

1-2-1 training lesson cost £50 per 1 hour (traveling charges might apply). 

Behavioural consultation

1-2-1 behavioural consultations would benefit the dogs which are environmentally reactive, have separation issues, guard objects or similar.

1-2-1 behavioural consultation cost £75-100. Traveling charges apply 45p/mile further than 10 miles from Tranent. This includes 2-3 hour consultation(home visit), behaviour adjustment plan (email)+ 2 follow up phone calls.

If you wish to book a 1-2-1 lesson, or consultation, please fill in the form below, or phone 07591198050.

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