About us:

Sandra Dlugabarskiene IMDT is a qualified, accredited dog trainer.
She is a Full member of  the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), student member of ISAP (International Society Of Animal professionals), a proud member of the PPGBI (Pet Professional Guild British Isles) and
A listed Kennel Club Good Citizens assessor up to the Gold level. 
Sandra is committed to continuous professional development and regularly attends various seminars and workshops.

Sandra & Ria
Sandra shares her home with two German shepherds- Ria and Bear.

She competes in various tracking rallies and is very passionate about the scent work. 
The rescue boy Bear came a few years ago with a bunch of behavioural issues and he was the reason why Sandra started studying the dog behaviour with particular interest in dog aggression.


We run life skills classes for puppies and adult dogs in blocks of 8 classes.
Not every dog or guardian is comfortable in the class environment and we also offer 1 2 1 training.
We now offer scent work classes.
Please get in touch for more details.

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