About us:

Sandra Dlugabarskiene,IMDT, MISAP is a qualified, accredited dog trainer.

She has a  Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training.
She is a Full member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers),
Full member of ISAP (International Society Of Animal professionals),
a proud member of the PPGBI (Pet Professional Guild British Isles),
"A" listed Kennel Club Good Citizens assessor up to the Gold level,
Scentwork UK trainer /judge/trial organiser,
The UK College of Scent Dogs trainer.

Sandra is committed to continuous professional development and regularly attends various seminars and workshops.

Sandra & Ria
Sandra shares her home with two German shepherds and a Working Cocker Spaniel- Ria, Bear and Kelty.

She competes in Obedience Rally, various tracking rallies and is very passionate about the scent work. 
Ria is a pride and joy of the family. She loves tracking and long walks.
The rescue boy Bear came a few years ago with a bunch of behavioural issues and he was the reason why Sandra started studying the dog behaviour with particular interest in dog aggression.
Kelty is a new kid on the block. She is very sweet and loves life. 


We run life skills classes for puppies and adult dogs in blocks of 8 classes.
Not every dog or guardian is comfortable in the class environment and we also offer 1 2 1 training.
We now offer scent work classes.
Please get in touch for more details.


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