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Hello & Welcome To Lothian Dog Training, 

We are a small company with a big heart. We aim to improve the owner-dog communication, for them to build a bond and live a harmonious life together. Dogs don't come knowing the key skills needed to be a good boy or a girl. Just like young children, they need guidance to show them the way. 

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Where Your Dog Can Learn All The Skills Needed To Be A Good Family Dog


About Your Trainer

Sandra is a qualified, accredited dog trainer, one of the first Mantrailing UK  instructors in Scotland, and is very passionate about all things scent work. She likes to problem solve and to help people and dogs to improve their lives together. 

Our Services:

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Dog training

Our  bespoke training programs for adult dogs are designed to help with training issues such as:

Pulling on the lead
Jumping up
Not listening

Not settling

 Behavioural consultation would benefit the dogs which are environmentally reactive, lunge, bark at other dogs or people,  have separation issues, guard objects, or similar.

Hungry Dog

Self Study Programs

Our Self-study video programs are designed for those who enjoy learning independently or can not commit to in-person training due to various reasons but would still like to take advantage of the simple step-by-step exercises.


Malinois Mantrailing

Mantrailing is the best hide and seek game ever. It is a dog sport for pet dogs that simulates the Search and Rescue dogs finding missing people. It is the best way to mentally stimulate your dog and to build confidence in anxious/ sensitive dogs. We run multiple classes each week in Edinburgh and Lothians.

Teach your dog to be a detective and to find a specific scent. 
Our classes are designed to accommodate reactive dogs. 

German Shepherd Dog sniffing
We understand and want to help

Do you dread going for a walk?
Is your dog constantly trying to pull your arms out of sockets?
Do you find your walks being more of a workout at the gym than going for a leisurely walk? We can help you with teaching loose lead walking skills
Does your dog run off chasing other dogs, joggers, bikes, birds or pay attention to everything else but you?
Would you like to improve your dog's listening skills? We can help you with teaching recall and engagement.
Are you embarrassed with your dog's behaviour?
Do you feel exhausted and lost?
Do you not know where to start or how to progress with your dog's training?
Are you looking for ongoing support?
We understand how challenging some of your dog's behaviours can be and that sometimes it's very hard to make progress when you are not sure where to start.
We specialize in bespoke training programs to suit individual needs and to guide you how to teach your dog to become the best they can be.
We will teach you how to stop your dog pulling, how to teach them a reliable recall, stop jumping up, and more


What We Offer

We believe that one shoe doesn't fit all and through the years of teaching, we have realized that the needs of every family and their dogs are different.

We like to get to know our customers and cater to their individual needs.

Nosework is our passion and we see great results when it is incorporated together with behaviour modification programs.
We offer a variety of classes & workshops, 1-2-1 training and behaviour consulting. We can provide these services both, online and in-person.
We use modern, effective, and smart training solutions which are backed up by science and evidence. We do not use pain or fear as training tools, instead we use motivational techniques, including markers, food, and toys

We are based in East Lothian, Scotland and provide in-person training services in Edinburgh, East and West Lothian, Midlothian
We offer remote training all over the world in English and Lithuanian
Our online training options are available any time and we are open to phone/online/in-person consulting Monday to Thursday 10am to 6p, UK time.
If you are looking for help,  we would like to hear from you and chat in more detail at the time which suits you. You are welcome to book a free of charge performance call to discuss how we can help you best



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