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Black Cocker spaniel

Zooming Recall Self Study Video Course

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Do you not know where to start with teaching recall?
Is your dog anxious or reactive? 
Would you like to learn at a time that suits you without the pressure of being in the dog class environment?
Do you enjoy learning independently? 
Do you learn best by watching someone else performing the task?
This simple 4-week step-by-step recall self-study course is for you! It caters from building the foundations to calling your dog away from distractions.
It is suitable for any age or breed of dogs.

What to expect:
It is a 4-week course with 4-5 exercises being available on a weekly basis. Just like if you were attending the group class but with the comfort of your own home.
To receive the best results, it's recommended to practice a few short sessions each day.
As soon as you join the course, the week -1 exercises will become available to you and you can start training immediately.
You will be able to join our community and keep in touch with the trainer if you have any questions or wish to receive feedback.


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