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Cocker spaniel behaving well

Magnetize Your Dog!

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Dog's Attention

Simple exercises to improve your dog's engagement.
Would you describe your dog as having the attention span of a butterfly? Does your dog just not listen, to whatever you say? Does your dog have selective hearing and the most common response to you asking them to do anything is " in a minute"?

This Self-paced video course is for you!
There is no time limit to complete it.
It is suitable for any age or breed of dog.

What to expect:
The exercises are released daily for 5 days and you will receive email reminders about new exercises available. You do not have to share your progress if you don't want to, but equally, you are welcome to show your dog's progress and connect with other people who are working on the same steps as you.
Just like if you were attending the group class but in the comfort of your own home.
To receive the best results, it's recommended to practice a few short sessions each day.
As soon as you join the course, the day -1 exercise will become available to you and you can start training immediately.
You will be able to join our community and keep in touch with the trainer if you have any questions or wish to receive feedback.


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