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Border Collie focused on the ball

6 -week support package for adult dogs (6+ months)

Personalized and Professional

6 Week learning and support package for Adult dogs (6+ months)How it works:We will agree on a mutually suitable date/time. I visit you in your garden/ home/ local park.During the initial approximately 2-hour in-person consultation we will discuss your dog’s behaviour (2-3 training issues), create the training plan which suits your needs best, and start working on a few exercises. You will receive the training plan(email) guiding you on how to progress with the training for the issues discussed during the initial consultation with video tutorials. We will schedule two follow-up/ progression 1h in-person lessons (within 6 weeks from the initial consultation) and 3x 30min support phone calls in between the lessons. Trainer in your pocket ( WhatsApp/ Email support) will be available to you Mon-Thu 10 am-6 pm.

Lessons are usually scheduled at the same time each week, but adjustments can be made to suit your schedule.

Value of the package- £485

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