About Your Trainer

Sandra Dlugabarskiene MISAP, IMDT is a qualified, accredited dog trainer.
Sandra has a diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training. She is a full member of IMDT ( Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), a full member of ISAP ( International Society of Animal Professionals), *A* listed Kennel Club Good Citizens assessor up to Gold level, Rally Obedience L1 and L2 judge, Scentwork UK trainer/judge/ trial organiser, The UK College Of Scent Dogs trainer, Mantrailing UK certified instructor/assessor( accredited).
She describes her training style as kind, practical and evidence-based. She has been around dogs for as long as she can remember.  The actual learning journey began 8 years ago when her rescue dog Bear joined the family.  

Sandra has trained dogs professionally for 7 years and has volunteered and consulted 2 large breed rescues in Scotland. This has involved hands-on training as well as assessing the suitability for rehoming dogs to ensure they are successfully matched with their new forever homes.

Sandra shares her home with two rescue dogs - a German Shepherd  and an English Cocker Spaniel . She loves working with gundogs and the herding breed dogs.  She is very passionate about nose work and often incorporates it into working with sensitive or over exuberant dogs to help them build a better connection with their owners and to help dogs relax in various environments. When working with reactive dogs, Sandra's main focus is the team work; she teaches the skills to help dogs to cope better but also teaches the owners how to support their dogs in the most efficient way and to feel more confident when handling challenging situations.  
Her friends and customers describe her as focussed, direct, generous and kind, 
Sandra is commited to continous professional development to ensure that she is up to date with the newest information and regularly attends various workshops and seminars.