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Rescue Dog Recall

Crash Recall Course

Intense Bespoke Recall Training.

Bespoke 1-2-1 recall training.
​Does your dog run off as soon he sees other dogs/ people?
Does your dog only listen in the house/ garden but turns his ears off outside?
Does your dog only listen to your partner?​
Are you embarrassed about not being able to catch your dog?
Would you like your dog to come back the first time you call?
Would you like to allow your dog to have more freedom?
Do you feel that you would benefit from accountability and support in the early stages of learning?
Would you like to have an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan?
This crash recall course is for you!
The most effective way of teaching recall is in a low distraction environment - your own home ! It will accelerate the crucial learning foundational stage. Training an effective recall doesn't have to be hard, when you know all the key elements!
You dont need to worry about the whole family not being able to attend the lessons-  they can watch the recordings and implement the same techniques.
What to expect:
x3 approximately 1 h 1-2-1 Fortnightly Live Zoom Coaching Sessions,
The recording of each lesson,
Simple step by step plan to follow,
Follow-up notes with video tutorials,
Accountability and being able to ask questions throughout the course.
Being able to join the Facebook support group 
Lots of additional tips and tricks to keep your dog engaged and greatly improve your walks together!

Value of the course- £190.

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