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Living With The Reactive Dog

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Things your dog is grateful for.

To all the wonderful people, who share their lives with the dogs who lunge, bark or in other words environmentally sensitive dogs, I hear you. I know how devastating it is to be in situations which you have no escape routes from. How much it hurts to hear or see other people judge you. The embarassment, shame about your dog's behaviour can follow you around and it can affect you on so many levels in so many areas of your life. It changes your behaviour and you become more vigilant, sensitive, you become reactive...I really want you to know that you're doing an amazing job being there for your dog, even though sometimes it's really hard to hold yourself together.

Sandra from Lothian Dog Training with her reactive German Shepherd playing in the field in East Lothian, near Edinburgh
Playing with Bear

Here are a few things that I know your dog is grateful for:

For you getting up every morning and loving them for who they are.( Even if all last week/ month or however long, they've been a pain in the back side).

For understanding that sometimes it's really hard for them not to react .

For learning to appreciate the little things and celebrating the little wins. ( No matter how small)

For doing your best to manage them and for helping them to settle back down after reacting.

For keeping them safe, warm and full of the best food.

For understanding that they're not broken and don't need to be " fixed".

For understanding that being in certain environments, their previous learning experiences and their genetic make up is what makes them more likely to react to certain triggers.

For being judged for having " that dog" and still loving them from the bottom of your heart.

For every single adventure you share.

For every single thing you taught them.

For not giving up.

For being you.

For being.

Sandra Dlugabarskiene, MISAP, IMDT Dog trainer in Scotland

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Met you yet again in common woods today when taking a gentle walk with Bailey. Its a pity you don't read your own web page comments before you judge other dogs particularly when you trained him and his brother from an early age and he was keen to greet you again. Your only interested in yourself and think that you have a singular right to every public area that you want to use for your business

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