Does your dog...

pull on the lead? 
jump up?
Fail to come back when you call?
run off when sees other dogs?
bark at people or dogs?
pay attention to everything else but you?

We can help !

What we offer:

puppy life skills classes
the kennel club good citizens scheme

obedience rally
scent detection classes
mantrailing workshops and classes
 1-2-1 coaching 

we are based in east lothian and run classes at the boggs holding community hall(pencaitland)

We are friendly force free dog life skills training club.
We only use motivational methods and our classes are to suit our customers needs. 
We do not use aversive equipment (such as chock chains ) and we do not teach any fear based techniques.
We are Kennel Club listed and we prepare dogs for KC Good Citizens scheme tests and IMDT partnership tests.

Welcome and feel free to look around.

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